Some people I have helped over the years.


Molly Gerster's philosophy not only changed my relationship with food, it changed my life. After cycling through many dietitians, Molly finally gave me the skills to navigate life while fueling my body right. After 5 years of suffering with anorexia and food being the enemy, eating is finally an enjoyable experience again. I have never felt so in tune with my body and healthy. I would never have made it to this point without Molly's guidance. E.S. 17 yrs.

Molly is more than a dietician to me.  She is a problem solver, flexible thinker, and has approached my situation with patience and compassion.  Molly is well-educated and professional, with a sense of humor that allays my fears and quiets my eating disorder mind.   After years of treatment for an ED, my most relapse relapse led me to Backcountry Wellness where I am learning how to recover in a meaningful and long-lasting way. Molly has been the cornerstone of my longest and most successful journey where I have stayed at work and available to my family.  Molly has been critical to my success and I would recommend her without hesitation.  L.R. 51 yrs.